Bridal and Casual Artificial Jewelry Collection 2015

Ornaments are very eye catching and use for décor to make thing more beautiful. Jewelry is an ornament that is being used by females for decoration or beautifying themselves. It makes the females look prettier with its shine. There is a wide range of jewelry from casual to bridal sets. Bridal jewelry sets play a great role in making the bride complete. In eastern countries, brides are supposed to wear loads of jewelry on their wedding day. This differentiates them from other females. Here we will make you familiar with casual and bridal artificial jewelry sets collection 2015, so you can choose the best one for you.

Bridal and Casual Artificial Jewelry Collection 2015
1. Pendant set
Pendant set is a casual set that is worn by females on the parties. It have a pendant with chains and could be delicate or heavy in design. This is a very graceful jewelry set with a pendant necklace, earrings, and a ring. Beautiful floral design, geometric design or motifs are carved on the pendant and further decorated with beads, diamante, and pearls. Pendant could be in ceramics or made of metal on which decoration objects are pasted.

New Pendant set for bridal
2. Rani haar
The graceful of all necklaces is rani haar. As its name suggest it was worn by royal females in the Mughal era thus this jewelry set gives your personality a royalty. The necklace is very long in length as compared to other necklace styles. It is up to abdomen and the heavy motif or pendant is at the end. The rani haar is of two necklace set, one is long and the other is along the neck. It’s upon you whether you want to wear both or just the long one. Brides wear both necklaces along with mattha Patti and tikka.

Unique Rani haar set for the bridal
3. Artificial pearl set
Pearl jewelry is most liked by females in western countries but now a day it is also in fashion in eastern countries. As it is stated before that women prefer to wear simple jewelry sets today so pearl set is the great option to choose. The base used for the pearl set is of metal on which carving is done and then the pearl is pasted on it along with diamantes. Matha Patti is also made of the strings of pearl that fits around the head with tikka in the center. Casual artificial jewelry set collection 2015 includes the pearl jewelry set with different colors of pearls. For this the pearls are dyed in various colors such as black, red, green, purple etc. casual wear sets are light in design while those for brides is heavy and much decorated.

Artificial pearl set for bridal
4. Choker
Casual and bridal artificial jewelry collection also include this amazing choker style set which is tightly fitted around the neck. The material use for this jewelry set is plastic, leather or metal and is decorated with beads, sequins, diamante etc. in eastern countries this set is made with metal and miniature carving done to make fine design and further decorated with stones, gems and diamante as well. A small stone or pendant is hung down the choker set. For casual wear choker is light in design.

Collection of Choker sets for beautiful bridal
5. Hand sculptured jewelry sets
This is the unique style of jewelry set sculpted with hands and gives a wide variety of designs that are somehow different from the traditional jewelry sets. This type of jewelry is a casual wear and is designed by an artisan. You will find pendants, beaded jewelry, and rings in hand sculpted jewelry.

Hand sculptured jewelry sets
These causal and bridal artificial jewelry sets collection 2015 will give you the idea that artificial jewelry is less expensive and gives the feel same as the original. The casual set is usually light in design and includes ring, ear rings, pendant or a delicate necklace. Whereas bridal sets are heavy and are more decorative including mattha Patti, jhoomar, tikkas, bangles, ring, earrings, toe rings, necklaces, nose pins etc.

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