Charming Day Party Makeup and Evening Party Makeup

Girls always struggle for getting perfect makeup. Read below to find perfect tips for the application of charming day party makeup and evening party makeup. For getting a dramatic loving look, it is necessary to get beautiful appropriate makeup for daytime and evening settings accordingly. Know the fine tips between what is suitable or overkill for the daytime and evening time. Here we are sharing some important rules of day party makeup and evening party makeup for you to look perfect and stunning.

Charming Day Party Makeup and Evening Party Makeup
                     Charming Day Party Makeup and Evening Party Makeup

Day Party Makeup
1 The first thing you have to do while going day time party or occasion is to select the right colors according to the time. It is a very important issue because wrong selection can make you dull and boring.
2  First clean your skin with a good quality moisturizer.
3  Use a cream for pre-application on your skin first to remove excessive oil and soothe your skin and then foundation that makes sure to blend with the soft sponge of makeup. Try to apply it under your eyes.
4  Try to use a makeup foundation shade as close as possible to skin tone. Apply foundation gently and in a little amount to give your face natural look and flawless appearance.
5  Now cover your acne and blemishes with a concealer that similar hue to your skin. Blend it well.

Charming Day Party Makeup and with hairstyles
                                   Charming Day Party Makeup and with hairstyles

6  Now this is time to apply makeup on your eyes. If you opt for light tones like light browns, grays and plums then you can create a lovely beautiful look. Now line your upper lid by using cake liner with a thin brush.
7  In the daytime, keep your makeup simple. It will create a stunningly gorgeous effect. Under bows, apply the lightest shadow and give a beautiful hue in the same manner.
8  Now apply mascara to your upper and lowers lashes. In the daytime party, this is best to apply eyeliner pencil into the lash line to make your lashes look fuller.
9  Smile and apply a light blush onto the apples of your face’s cheeks and blend it well.
10  Apply light color lipstick to get calm lips and mix it well in a fine way. Avoid applying dark color lip liner with light color lipstick in day time party.

Charming Day Party Makeup and Evening Party Makeup
Evening Time Party Makeup
For nice creamy look, apply your concealer on your whole skin face and then apply foundation and make sure that you blend it well.
Apply eye shadow on your eyelids with 2 times darker than your skin to look fabulous. Dark color eyeshadow will make you more fresh and younger and will stay longer also. Apply it to your bottom lash line also.
Now for the evening time party, apply white eyeliners in your inner corners to highlight your eyes. After doing this, apply black liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line and make the ends thicker. Now apply pencil liner to lower lash line.

Charming Day Party Makeup and Evening Party Makeup
If you want to have bigger larger eyelashes then go for false eyelashes and apply mascara carefully.
Apply pink blush onto your beautiful apples of your face and blend it in the circular motion.
In evening time party, nude lipstick color or lip gloss can work for you and help your eyes stand out.

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