Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Short hairstyles are always popular because they are easy to manage and look gorgeous at any occasion. They are versatile enough to go with different face shapes and outfits. Casual days are comfortable with these hairstyles because there are many interesting variations in them as stylists create more attractive looks. When it comes to curly hair, options are quite meager than lengthy hair but these can be styled nicely to have a perfect look. Using suitable shampoo, mask and conditioner nourishes curly hair and help manage frizz easily.Right products are essential to keep wavy hair healthy and prepare them for fashionable styles.

Like skin is prepared before applying makeup, curly hair must be taken good care of on regular basis to have perfect styles at a formal occasion, office meeting, day party or a night out.Proper care is critically important for having best results when styling short curly hair.
Retro curls
These waves give awesome effect to the hairstyle of round shape focusing more on face features and giving a purely feminine look. Perfect for women who love a true celebrity-like locks!

Short Retro Curly Hairstyle for Wedding with Red Lipstick and Blue Eyes Makeup
Vintage indulgence
Time to go back to the past decade and get some ideas from the old styles that have intricate waves spreading across the forehead and falling down the cheeks. It’s more suitable for a girlish and younger effect. Of course, trendy hair accessories are always an option. To add more beauty, choose an outfit inspired by vintage fashion.

Short vintage hair with blonde curls
Heavy waves
For a voluminous style try waves that caress faces on a slant. Highlight with a hair color for a gorgeous effect and make it attention-grabbing. Choose the color that adds volume but looks original and complements with skin tone. Consult an expert or search online to know which dye is perfect for heavy curls.

Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair for Woem
Stacked bob
The striking bob with curls is simply amazing for any party, get-together and social event that goes just perfect with a fancy outfit, pearl necklace, and tan makeup. To keep waves in shape, use styling products that are specifically made for that hair type.

Short Curly Hair Bob Hairstyle for Women 2016
Short curls for blonde hair
Nothing can be more fashionable and attractive for blonde hair than short wavy style. To complement it tactfully, go for light eye makeup with black mascara and glossy lip color. Ideal for casual or formal events!

Latest Short curls for blonde hair
Messy locks
Imagine these locks in the longer length! Obviously, a result will be a total disaster. Thanks to short curly hair that makes this style surprisingly a perfect choice for the bold women. Enjoy parties and casual days with more confidence and valor. Long face shape is ideal for such short curls that hang down the forehead.

New Messy Locks Hairstyles

Curly highlights with bob
Highlights are incredibly stylish and attractive especially when they are in short bob curls because they add more interest and charm to ordinary monotones. These are something loved by fashion icons all over the world.
Before taking on hairstyles for short curly hair, research and talk to experts about what style is going to be most suitable and attractive. Skin tone, original hair color, occasion, face shape and ongoing trends matter a lot for a perfect hairstyle.

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