How to Apply Lipstick Correctly on Thin Lips and Big Lips

Every woman desires beautiful full and pink lips. Rough yellowish and wrinkled lips make you look old. Here are the lots of simple ways to make your lips big and beautiful. Application of lipstick incorrect way makes your thin lips big and fuller and big lips attractive and romantic look. Regular lipstick, when applied correctly, can give you the beautiful appearance of big lips and make thin lips fuller and beautiful. Here we are discussing the few makeup tips to apply lipstick correctly on thin lips and big lips to achieve the best possible appearance.

How to Apply Lipstick Correctly on Thin Lips and Big Lips

Apply Lipstick Correctly on Thin Lips
Here first collect the things you need for getting fuller looking lips.
• Liner of same color and lipstick
If you have thin lips then after exfoliating the lips apply foundation on your lips in little amount and let it dry for half a minute. This will make your lipstick long lasting.
With thin lips, it is necessary to apply lipstick correctly and out of your lips. Use the same color lip liner or outline your lips with lipstick brush carefully.

How to Apply Lipstick Correctly on Thin Lips and Big Lips
It is suggested that always use dark color lipsticks on your thin lips for getting fuller and big lips beautifully. Dark color lipstick on thin lips gives stunning and prominent look according to face beauty.
After applying lipstick blot your lipstick with tissue paper. Open your lips carefully and then close them over the tissue to remove extra lipstick.

Apply Lipstick Correctly on Big Lips
First, repeat the same practice of applying foundation on your lips. This is a first step to getting the perfect lips is preparing your lips. If you want killer romantic lips then you need a good palette first.
Exfoliating the lips is also the best thing to do to get regular beauty.
It is also good to wear lip balm for some hydration.
Foundation is the best tip that help your lipstick to never remove for a long time.

How to Apply Lipstick Correctly on Thin Lips and Big Lips
The second step is to apply the face powder to make your lips thinner naturally. It works really for many hours and help to give you fresh look.
If you have big fat lips then do not worry because you can make your lips normal by using given tips.
There is a need to apply lipstick correctly under the cut of your lips.
Keep in mind to line the corners of your lips. For a getting natural look, it’s imperative to cover each and every spec of space on your lips. In the event that you leave the corners of your mouth unlined, you’ll end up with unnatural looking coverage lipsticks.
If you have big lips then light color lipstick can work for you. Light color lipsticks give normal look to fat and big lips in natural way.
When you have lined the edge of your lips, begin working your direction inward. Keep in mind, lip liner should cover your whole mouth beautifully.
Your lips are now beautifully, lined and full, so display them confidently.


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