Ideas to Style Long Hair for Round Faces

The part of your personality that makes you look charming is the hair. Long hair is the blessing and can be the style in so many ways and cuts.  But it is important to have a cut that suits the shape of your face otherwise a good hair cut or hair style will make you look bad if it does not suit you. Here are some long hairstyles for round faces which you may like to try.

  1. Sassy long layer

This is an amazing long hairstyle for a round face that minimizes the roundness of the face and makes it look a bit longer. Sassy long layers hairstyle highlights the eyes and lips. The first layer is of cheek length then the layers gradually become longer. You can set the style with the help of blow dry. Apply heat resistant serum on the hair and then part the hair from one side. Straight the hair at the top and blow-dry the ends by rolling them around the round brush. This will make beautiful bouncy curls below that look fantastic with round shape face.

Ideas to Style Long Hair for Round Faces

  1. Face framing layers

This is also an elegant long hairstyle for round face ladies. The front layer in this hairstyle hides the jaw line making your face look elongated a bit. The hairstyle is in two layers, the beautiful front bang which touches the collar bone makes a frame around the face when parted from the center. Perfect straightening of hair is required for this long hairstyle. Use heat iron to straight the hair.

Ideas to Style Long Hair for Round Faces

  1. Shaggy hairstyle

The Shaggy hairstyle is in multiple layers that apart from giving hair a high texture also camouflage the roundness of the face. You can make this style messy, straight and can also curl to add more volume. Use a round hair brush to set the hair. First of all apply hair softening serum to all the hair then part the front bang on one side. Start blow drying hair outwards and try to blow dry hair at the top by forcing them outwards to make a slight puffy bump. The bump on top will assist in elongating the face cut a bit. If you want to make hair straight then use heat iron. For messy look let the hair dry naturally then set them with fingers.

Ideas to Style Long Hair for Round Faces

  1. One length long hairstyle

Girls who do not want to get a layered haircut can try one length long hairstyle and can style it in various ways. In this style whole hair is in one length, no layering is involved. You can part hair either from the center or from one side. Take a section of hair from the crown of the head and backcombing it to make a bump. A bump will elongate the face structure by giving it a height upward. Then use an iron rod to put curls at the hair ends slightly after that set the hair with fingers for more natural look. Swept the front bang side way.

Ideas to Style Long Hair for Round Faces

These long hairstyles for round faces will help you to style your hair differently and the way it suits your personality.

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