Six Simple Way for Lower Abdominal Exercises at Home

People always want to attain fit perfect body. They always want to know how important lower abdominal exercises in simple ways. Although lower abdominal exercises are more challenging but you must work hard to get rid of them. You can do in simple ways by reading given ways. A healthy life is really a blessing from God. For a healthy life, it is important to eat a healthy diet and so exercises and workouts. Always opt for the proper schedule of lower abdominal exercises at home naturally.
So here are the six best simple ways for lower abdominal exercises you can do at home. Try these simple exercises and get the perfect body.
1. Crunches
People know the crunches and very easy to do. Lie on your back and bent your knees with your flat feet on the floor or mat. Keep in mind that always wear comfortable clothes during exercise. You can also do this on some cushioning kind. Curl your head, neck, and shoulders slightly and exhale. Now move towards your feet and let your muscles do the work. Now start inhaling and exhaling practice. Inhale exhale slowly and repeat this position.

2. Bicycle Exercise
Most of the people consider that this is a most effective exercise. This exercise targets the whole body even the waist muscles. Lift your shoulders and legs off the floor and start doing the pedaling motion. Move the right elbow and meet it with left knee and vice versa. Repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 times.

Six Simple way for Lower Abdominal Exercises at home

3. Jack Knife Exercise
This is the best exercise for the lower abdomen. This exercise is also very simple, but a tricky exercise to do. Keep in mind that this exercise requires proper balance and stability. It also helps you to get six pack abs. Extend your arms over your head by lying flat on the mat. Now move and bring your arms and legs up and down and keep them straight. Now exhale and bring your lower position to the starting position. Move your arms and legs in V shape and repeat this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes as your body allows. You can do this exercise at your home.
4. Hip Lift Exercise
Raise you’re both legs upward and keep your arms straight down on the floor. Now rest your hands on the floor and exhale slowly by curling your hips toward your ribs. Lifting your hips off from the floor and keep your feet straight. Now lower your hips back to the floor and repeat this exercise. Do this exercise for ten times.
5. Plank Exercise
The plank exercise is an isometric exercise and perfect for stabilizing your core. This exercise will allow you to get effective results. This exercise good for the whole body and especially for lower abdominal. Plank exercise focuses on the deep abdominal muscles.
6. Regimen Exercise
Jump with lots of reps and gradually increase the intensity of jumping and keep from hitting a plateau. It is better to do a small number of reps on a correct and balanced way. If you will try to do it quickly then weaker muscles could be damaged.

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